Accessories and Add-Ons for the Panda


Not only good but better! With our tailored accessories you can get the last percent out of the Panda and make this extraordinary tool even better

Research Panda

The ideal platform for research
The Panda by Franka Emika is the ideal platform to conduct research on and test e.g. control and motion algorithms, grasping strategies, interaction scenarios and machine learning, as it features the add-on Franka Control Interface (FCI). FCI allows a fast low-level bidirectional connection to the robot’s Arm and Hand

Franka Control Interface (FCI)
Activating the FCI* unlocks the possibility to connect your wor kstation PC to the GRPowertool system, using a fast and direct low-level bidirectional communication. It provides the current status of the robot and enables its direct control (1 kHz).

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Education Panda

The Panda - ideal for training and educational facilities. Pre-built training programs with appropriate training equipment such as:

- Panda Robot Arm
- Training Software
- Certified Education Table
- CE Approval for Your Safety

Bring your institution to the state of the art!

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You just want to mount the Panda for demonstration or test purposes without damaging the table? Then the GermanRobotics Clamp is the right one for you! Mount the panda on the clamp and clamp it to any table without screws.
Stable - Flexible - Good!

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WIFI Interface

Do you disrupt cables? You prefer to operate the panda remotely? No problem! With the GermanRobotics WIFI Interface, you can easily make the Panda WIFI-capable and control it wirelessly with any device!

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Industrie Panda

Workflow-based programming
The Panda by Franka Emika offers the easiest and fastest workflow-based user experience. Robotic apps encompass the entire complexity of the system and are modular building blocks of a production process like gripping, plug, inserting and screwing. With the help of the DESK - the browser-based interface of Franka Emika - apps can be used and rearranged at any time in order to create complete processes in the shortest possible time. These tasks can be quickly adapted, reused or deployed on multiple robots.
- low set-up costs
- easy troubleshooting by anyone
- individual control of parameters such as force, speed or duration
This is Franka Emika's Panda!

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qb-Robotic Hand

With the robotic hand of qb, tasks that can be done by a human hand can be implemented. It is mainly used in the test area, but can use its 1-band technology to grab everything a human hand can do. It is available in the research version and in the industrial version at GermanRobotics! Due to its design, the hand fits optimally to the panda and can be easily flanged there!

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Transport- and Showcase

You want to transport the Panda safely and at the same time present visually appealing and professional? Then the GermanRobotics Transport and Showcase is exactly what you need. Made of high-tensile and impact-resistant polyethylene with a panda-optimized foam insert, the Panda is well protected when traveling. With the bolts, the table top, as well as the feet, the Panda can shortly be mounted out of the case on the converted table and can be presented on site to the customer.

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